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Your Specialized Surgery Partner

Excellence in specialty medical care

Blue Hospital is prepared to attend surgeries or hospitalizations in the following specialties:

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Our dental hospital is home to state of the art facilities within a modern, purpose-built building providing oral care to both children and adults. Our team leading are specialists in dental and oral health and we offer first class care to patients from across Tijuana and the surrounding counties.

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General Surgery

Sometimes, we have pain to ease, symptoms to lessen, or body functions to improve through general surgery and laparoscopy. At Blue Hospital, we prioritize your health, offering various specialties. With advanced technology and skilled specialists, we’re here to do our best to alleviate your discomfort or, if needed, save your life.

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Cardiology is a clinical medical field dedicated to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The common goal is to prevent and improve the prognosis of patients with risk factors or established cardiovascular pathologies. At Blue Hospital, we provide specialized cardiac surgical services, aiming to enhance the overall cardiovascular health and well-being of our patients.

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At Blue Hospital, we count with a ophthalmology team comprises highly skilled professionals committed to delivering comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we assess and address a wide array of eye-related issues through specialized surgical procedures, ensuring optimal visual health for our patients.

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Gastroenterology is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders affecting the gastrointestinal tract. At Blue Hospital, we offer specialized surgical services in gastroenterology, focusing on expert interventions to address and manage disorders within the gastrointestinal system, ensuring the well-being of our patients.

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Urology is a branch of medicine responsible for diagnosing, treating, and preventing disorders of the kidneys, adrenal glands, urinary tract, and the male reproductive system. It primarily specializes in the surgical management of these disorders. At Blue Hospital, we provide specialized urological surgical services, excelling in expert surgical interventions to ensure the optimal health of our patients.

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Gynecological surgery becomes necessary when a disease is identified within the female reproductive system. Blue Hospital stands at the forefront of gynecological care, offering expert surgical interventions. Our commitment is to ensure the well-being of women by addressing reproductive health concerns with comprehensive and specialized medical solutions.

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Otorhinolaryngology, a medical specialty, focuses on studying diseases in the upper respiratory tract (nose, sinuses, pharynx, and larynx) and ears. It also includes surgeries for the face and neck, addressing trauma, cancer, and aesthetic concerns. At Blue Hospital, we specialize in surgical interventions to ensure comprehensive care for conditions affecting these essential areas.

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Neurosurgery is the medical field focused on studying diseases affecting the nervous system, often requiring surgical intervention at specific stages. At Blue Hospital, we bring surgical expertise to address neurological conditions. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive care, ensuring the well-being of our patients and their neurological health.

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Traumatology is a medical branch dedicated to studying, treating, and preventing injuries to the musculoskeletal system, encompassing muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and related tissues. At Blue Hospital, our commitment to traumatology care extends to comprehensive examination, specialized treatment, and proactive measures to ensure the well-being of your musculoskeletal health.

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Orthopedics is a medical field dedicated to diagnosing, correcting, and preventing injuries related to deformities in various bone structures, whether congenital or acquired, especially in children. At Blue Hospital, our orthopedic expertise is focused on comprehensive diagnostics, corrective measures, and preventive strategies to address bone-related issues and promote the well-being.

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Plastic and
Cosmetic Surgery

At Blue Hospital, we offer plastic surgery to address congenital defects, injuries, or enhance body aesthetics. We’re committed to your health, understanding that looking good often translates to feeling good. Our specialized procedures aim to improve both your appearance and well-being.

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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery encompasses a range of surgical procedures tailored to assist individuals with severe obesity in effectively losing weight. This technique centers on modifying the digestive system to restrict the amount of food one can consume or absorb. At Blue Hospital, we specialize in bariatric surgery, offering personalized procedures to support effective weight loss and enhance overall well-being.

Isotipo Blue Medical Tower

Our doctors are as important as our patients

We have created specialized services to provide comfort and convenience, for the doctors who perform their procedures at Blue Hospital.

Medical Lounge

At Blue Hospital we recognize the great work and dedication of each of our surgeons and visiting surgeons. We have created spaces like our Medical Lounges where our surgeons and their surgical teams can take breaks between procedures all while being pampered with comfortable commodities, snacks and drinks.

The Best Operating Rooms

Our facilities have advanced safety technology systems and high-quality equipment.

What patients think about Blue Hospital

Eliza Flores

Since you arrive you see that everyone is very friendly. The nurses are very kind and always aware of my well-being. All the doctors are very nice; everyone is very aware that you feel confident and safe before starting the procedure.


Gorgeous hospital, super clean and great care!!! I highly recommed ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tina White

My experience has been really great with all of the people I met here.When I went in there and have a consultation they made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend anybody come to see Dr. Gutierrez because he is so good and friendly and this hospital is beautiful and they take such good care of you. Even the food is good!


I loved my esxperience, the best service and friendly staff. 🙌


I found the Blue Medical Clinic on facebook and they had some really good reviews. I had a very good experience at this hospital. Very clean. And you feel safe. The staff speak very good english.

Karen Green

I contacted Dr. Gutierrez, and I’m telling you right now: I have never been treated more nicely. They engaged with me on a personal level. The staff here is amaizing, the nicest people. It’s just been the more enjoyable experience in my life.

    Doctor’s office or Operating room rental

    By being part of the Blue Hospital medical community you will obtain benefits in the use of facilities and systems at no additional cost, as well as inclusion in the hospital’s Medical Tourism project, among others.

    If you are a doctor and are interested in the operating room rental service, fill out the form and one of our advisors will assist you as soon as possible.

    Get started on your journey to wellness—secure your appointment with us. All information submitted is considered strictly confidential.

    Or call us, we are ready to help you every step of the way.