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Excellence in surgical procedures with the highest quality medical standards.

World class care for doctors and patients

If you are looking for a quality and specialized surgical environment, we invite you to trust our Blue Hospital operating rooms. Our surgical and medical team is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized care during your surgical procedures in our Blue Hospital and operating rooms.

We have 8 operating rooms, equipped with certified medical technology and strict levels of security during the procedures.

Our Operating Rooms

We have rooms fully equipped with anesthesia machines and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, bariatric surgery beds, laparoscopy towers and the best quality materials. In addition, Blue Hospital has specialized surgical nursing staff in its multidisciplinary team.

Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez serves as Chief of Surgery of the hospital, putting all his efforts into improving continuosly and perfecting the safety and quality standards of the surgical and hospital services to the maximum.


State Of The Art Five Star Facilities

Blue Hospital has equipment like the best hospitals in the world. In the operating room, modernity and design translate into comfort and tranquility for patients and allows for surgeries of the highest quality. Among its most outstanding services, it has bariatric and plastic surgery.

Blue Hospital’s philosophy is to provide modernity, technology and quality within everyone’s reach.

We are ready to receive a large number of specialties

At Blue Hospital we have the areas, medical equipment and highly specialized personnel to provide the highest quality in surgical procedures.

Operating room rental

Whether you need to perform outpatient surgeries, specialized procedures or more complex interventions, our operating room rental service offers a comprehensive and reliable solution. Trust us to ensure an optimal environment that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Contact us today for more information. All information submitted is considered strictly confidential.