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Hospital Care

We offer a timely and professional service, at the level of the best hospitals worldwide.

Innovative spaces for your care

We are aware that admission to the hospital will alter your lifestyle. Therefore, our staff will do everything necessary to make your hospitalization as short and comfortable as possible.

At Blue Hospital we designed and built these innovative surgical recovery rooms so our patients can enjoy the comforts and convenience of a luxury experience.

Attention to patients

The best level of personal attention.

Our mission is to bring well-being to people and help doctors provide the best care to their patients. With this in mind, we have designed comprehensive direct services so that the patient and their family members receive medical care with the highest level of personalized attention.

We create a space of recovery and tranquility for the patient and their families

We have 50 individual spacious rooms prepared to offer the best hospital care and comfort to patients.

Our hospitalization suites have:

  • Large bathrooms with emergency call systems

  • Bedside nurse call system

  • Concierge service

  • Entertainment (TV/music)

  • Wi-Fi access

  • Air conditioning

During your stay you will receive personalized attention 24 hours a day as well as healthy, personalized meals in a private and relaxing environment.

Our rooms comply with current regulations, oxygen, compressed air, electric hospital beds and their own sink for proper hand washing. All our equipment is new and of top quality to guarantee your comfort, safety and speedy recovery.

Our staff

Our nursing staff is highly trained in pre and postoperative care of different specialties.

Constant interaction with our nursing team will help answer your questions and concerns while preparing you for a smooth transition from our facility to your home.

Both patients and families receive ongoing aftercare education throughout their stay and transition home.

Our nurses will help you administer pain medications, including medications you take every day at home. Consistent access to your surgeon and internal medicine consulting physicians will result in the safest recovery possible.

Blue Medical Tower Tijuana | Staff

Write to us if you want more information about our facilities or want to schedule a visit.